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昭和20年8月6日午前8時15分。 あの瞬間に焼かれ、傷つき、それでも息を吹き返して、令和の夏にまた緑の葉を繁らせた樹木たち。74年の時を刻みながら生命をつなぎ、爆心地からほど近い場所で、広島を見つめてきた被爆樹木に会いに行ってみませんか。 未来のために忘れてはいけない何かが、そこにはきっとあるはずです。 あなたがその目で見た姿、その心で感じたことを、どうか新しい時代に伝えてください。

Pilgrimage back in time with the A-Bombed Trees

8:15 am, August 6,1945.Trees that were burned and damaged in that instant but came back to life are in full leaf once again this first summer of the Reiwa era. Why not come and visit them, the A-Bombed Trees that have lived to see the passage of another 74 years, gazing on Hiroshima from close to ground zero. You’ll surely find something there that should not be lost to the future. Pass down to the new era what you see there and how it made you feel.
Hiroshima City has registered as A-Bombed Trees around 160 trees within approx. 2 km of the blast hypocenter that budded again after being exposed to radiation.

A-Bombed Trees MAP

A-Bomded Trees MAP

※ 広島市では、爆心地から概ね2km以内で被爆し、再び芽吹いた木々を「被爆樹木」として登録しています。

The City of Hiroshima has registered as A-Bombed Trees that were exposed to radiation within approx.
2 km of the blast hypocenter and went on to bud again.

協力:公益財団法人 広島平和文化センター・広島市植物公園 樹木医/堀口力 2019年4月現在