Green Greetings from A-bombed Trees in Hiroshima

About 160 trees have been registered as "A-bombed trees"by the City of Hiroshima. These trees were burned by the atomic bomb within about two kilometers from the hypocenter but survived and sprouted new leaves.
The objective of the Green Greetings Project is to provide support to the Peace Promotion Department of the City of Hiroshima in its endeavor to protect the A-bombed trees.


Below you’ll find some great walking tour routes that will take you to various hibaku trees and give you the chance to think about the history of Hiroshima while exploring the many trees that suffered from the atomic bombing but still managed to survive and thrive.

  • Central Hiroshima Route

    This tour route starts in Peace Memorial Park and takes a leisurely 90 minutes from beginning to end.

    • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

    • Hiroshima City Youth Center to Chūō Park

    • Moto-machi Kōban-mae to RCC Broadcasting

    • Gokoku Shrine to Hiroshima Castle

  • Historical Route

    A three-hour walking tour that begins at Hiroshima Station; take your time and enjoy the history of Hiroshima at your own pace.

    • Hiroshima Station to Myōjō-in Temple

    • Nigitsu Shrine to Anraku-ji Temple

    • Hōshō-in Temple to Tokuō-ji Temple

    • Hiroshima District Court Southside Apartments to
      Ninomaru at Hiroshima Castle

  • Downtown Hiroshima Route

    Take a stroll through downtown Hiroshima City with this great walking tour.

    • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

    • Rai Sanyō Memorial Museum to Shirakami Shrine

    • Hiroshima City Hall to Kinryūzen-ji Temple

    • East-end of Tsurumi-bashi Bridge to
      the Sanyō Buntoku-den Memorial Hall

Project Archive

The first version of "Green-Greetings" web site was open to the public in 2005 when the 60th radiation exposure anniversary came. I introduce the a-bombed tree while changing the mode of expression every year since then. Past "Green-Greetings" can get the column from the following. Please enjoy it along with the latest version.