Green Greetings Project

On August 6, 1945, Hiroshima was burned by the blazing heat of the atomic bomb. In the devastated
city, when people saw new buds sprouting, they were greatly encouraged and were able to have hope for their future.

About 160 trees have been registered as ''A-bombed trees'' by the City of Hiroshima. They were burned
by the atomic bomb within about two kilometers from the hypocenter but survived and sprouted new leaves.

The objective of the Green Greetings Project is to support the Peace Promotion Department of the City of Hiroshima in its endeavor to protect the A-bombed trees.

The Peace Promotion Department has not only studied the existing A-bombed trees within about two kilometers from the hypocenter and registered them as ''A-bombed trees'' but also made various efforts to revitalize these trees so that they can live as silent witnesses of the atomic bombing and convey their messages to the future generations as a symbol of the power of life that has overcome this tragedy.

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Project Archive

The first version of "Green-Greetings" web site was open to the public in 2005 when the 60th radiation exposure anniversary came. I introduce the a-bombed tree while changing the mode of expression every year since then. Past "Green-Greetings" can get the column from the following. Please enjoy it along with the latest version.