Supporting Green Greetings means supporting the three goals of SDGs.

  1. Hibaku trees are among the many trees which make Hiroshima City shine as a city full of greenery, bringing joy to both locals and tourists alike.

  2. Trees bring so much beauty and color to the seasons: from the pinks of cherry blossom trees in the spring, to the glittering greens of the summer and the dazzling reds of maple leaves in the fall, these different types of hibaku trees make our city so much richer.

  3. The aging of the hibakusha, survivors of the atomic bombing who can convey, first-hand, their experience with the bombing, is an issue which must be faced; however, the tales of these 160 trees who survived the bombing also play a part in the tradition of conveying the message of peace.


Project Archive

The first version of "Green-Greetings" web site was open to the public in 2005 when the 60th radiation exposure anniversary came. I introduce the a-bombed tree while changing the mode of expression every year since then. Past "Green-Greetings" can get the column from the following. Please enjoy it along with the latest version.